Thursday, 3 May 2018

Brandy Anticuario Solera Reserva 38%, Agustín Blázquez

Deep walnut mahogany with copper glints fading to amber and a trace of green.
Crisp and full with distinct notes of Oloroso and damp old oak butts but also of fine quality spirit, quite probably holandas giving a certain richness, with traces of brown sugar, dried fruits and fresh pipe tobacco. This is highly nuanced, fairly concentrated and very attractive.
Full bodied with plenty of Oloroso and perhaps a trace of PX. A gentle sweetness seems natural and not added. It is intensely flavouredand lightly textured with hints of walnut, toasted almond, caramel, vanilla and a gentle trace of tannin with a very long dry, elegant finish.
Given the fluid contents of 75cl (the 70cl bottle was standardised in the EU in 1992) this bottle certainly dates back to pre 1992 at the latest, and given that it bears the RE number of Blázquez, it might possibly predate the Domecq takeover of 1973 (although the firm did operate as before till the 1990s). So it must have at least 25 years in bottle, which has done it no harm at all (just a very slight ullage) and probably concentrated it a little. It is a lovely brandy, but unfortunately not available since the 1990s. The large XIX century soleras - the Anticuario solera had over 1,000 butts - were kept in El Puerto and probably belong to Osborne nowadays.
30 euros, Mantequería Jerezana

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