Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Pandorga PX 2017, 8%, Bodegas Cota 45

Mahogany tinged amber fading to amber with copper/old gold highlights, viscous.
Delightful! Intensely aromatic, rich, super complex and charming with totally natural aromas of overripe grapes and the texture of their pulp with notes of raisin, quince jelly, tarte tatin, dried apricots, orange blossom honey, esparto and lots more, it really gives so much.
Despite the sweetness it is very fresh and clean, helped by the perfect level of acidity, in fact it is mouthwatering! The texture is such that you can almost chew those raisins and apricots and as you let it lie on the palate loads of subtle flavours keep pouring out and it just goes on and on.
This exquisite PX is made by Ramiro Ibáñez from grapes grown in the Viña La Panesa in the pago Carrascal which, with its barajuela and tosca cerrada forms of albariza, allows perfect sugar concentration in the grapes. Picking was later than for the normal harvest giving a degree of overripeness and the hand picked bunches were laid out to dry in the sun for 10 days, less than for normal PX, and reducing their weight to a half. Again unlike normal PX, the must was fermented in butt rather than being fortified, reaching a natural strength of 8%. It then aged for about a year in the same American oak butt before bottling. So this is a 100% naturally sweet wine which reflects the characteristics of the vineyard, grape variety and vintage. The word Pandorga is sanluqueño for kite.
31.15 per 50cl bottle, Licores Corredera

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