Thursday, 14 February 2019

PX Carrascal 2014 14.5%, Bodegas Luis Pérez

Bright almost pure amber with old gold highlights and a little viscosity.
Most attractive and super fresh with lots of gently dried fruit but less of the overripe intensity of raisins and dates of standard PX. There are aromas of well integrated super ripe apple, quince jelly, traces of honey, sugar syrup, a very faint hint of oxidation and apricot along with a gentle strawy asoleo note and a smooth tangy creaminess.
A perfect level of acidity gives the wine just the right tanginess and liveliness to balance the sweetness and carry through the intensity of the flavours. Lots of super ripe apple and apricot harmonise with just a hint of oxidation  The alcohol level is low enough that you barely notice it and all that lusciousness comes through along with a trace of dry chalky albariza texture. Very long.
This beautiful naturally sweet wine is made from super ripe PX grapes grown in Luis Pérez´own vineyard the Finca Panesa on barajuela and tosca cerrada types of albariza in the pago Carrascal. Harvesting was done at night and by hand to keep the grapes in the best possible condition. They were then selected according to ripeness and laid out on the soil for 12 days to concentrate in the sun and the bunches were turned every three days. The must was expressed in a vertical press giving a very low yield of just 25% which was transferred to a butt without racking and allowed to ferment for three months with no temperature control. The following spring it refermented a little bringing the alcohol content to 14.5% and then it was allowed to age for nearly 4 years, so while it has a delightful residual sweetness it is not nearly as sweet as the standard PX, and of course is not fortified. Only 1,000 bottles produced.
42 euros per 50cl, De Albariza

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