Sunday, 10 February 2019

Oloroso Encontrado 1/5 20%, Sanchez Romate

Bright, clean, open, chestnut to pale patinated mahogany fading to amber with copper/amber highlights and a trace of green at the rim.
Super fragrant with the elegance and finesse only age can bring. It is very complex and homogenised but there are all sorts of nuances like dried fruit, cinnamon, old oak, polished antique furniture, dried orange peel, walnut and toasted nuts. There is also a slight impression of sweetness, as if the wine were not quite bone dry, while the alcohol level is unaggressive.
Intensely flavoured with all the nuances mentioned above and a delightful open texture with a certain crispness and more than a hint of salinity which remove any impression of sweetness. After the initial intensity it opens out forming a delicious mellowness with very little of the tannin one might expect in such an old wine but all of the flavour, which lingers seemingly forever.
The story of this superb wine is that five butts of old Oloroso were recently discovered (encontrado) hidden away in the bodega and they were too good not to be released for connoisseurs. A very small quantity was therefore bottled with the absolute minimum of filtration. As the wine had been forgotten it is not known how old it is exactly, but it is certainly old and well over 30 years old what with its intensity and high glycerine content. It is not labelled VORS as Romate don´t believe in that system, there is so little of it and the age is not known, however it is certainly up there with the best old wines. The Wine Society in the UK among many others are raving about it.
23 euros per half bottle, Licores Corredera

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