Monday, 25 February 2019

Vino Blanco Matalián 2018 12%, Primitivo Collantes

Bright pale strawy gold with silvery gold highlights.
Fresh, light and mildly tropical, think mango peach and pear with a background current of ripe apple and citrus along with a very faint salinity and a gentle tang. There is a gentle floral character to it as well giving a light, fresh aromatic appeal.
Soft, light, rounded and gentle at first, then the nicely judged acidity appears to provide balance, zip and accentuate the fruit, especially the pear. It finishes very slightly drier than expected but with good length with the classic chalky albariza texture and a trace of salinity.
This excellent wine is a Vino de la Tierra de Cádiz and comes from a single vineyard, the 19.53 hectare Viña Matalián in Chiclana which lies in the Sherry production zone. A little south of Cádiz, the vineyards are close to the Atlantic with lots of albariza and great exposure to the Poniente. This wine undergoes no ageing and has no flor influence as is intended to reflect these wonderful atmospheric and soil conditions through the medium of the Palomino grape and it does so splendidly. Total production is somewhere around 7,000 bottles.
8.70 De Albariza

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