Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Fine Tempo 2017 14.5%, Oleum Viride

Dense black cherry red with a tight purple rim.
Very fresh with loads of rich ripe almost jammy black plum and cherry fruit with a gentle tang and textured with a note of grape pulp and even skin, it is riper than one would expect in the grapes´ homeland and there are faint traces of smoke and spice from the Syrah, super ripe blueberry from the Petit Verdot and a distant note of oak.
Big and quite intense with all that ripe grape texture melded with some chalkiness yet the tannins are by no means excessive and there is enough acidity to keep things fresh. So it is well structured but very smooth and there is just so much fruit, super ripe yet super fresh and almost - but not - sweet; the wine is still very young but well balanced so will develop well in bottle for the next 3 or 4 years.
This very attractive wine comes from the northern tip of the Sierra de Cádiz and is produced on an estate called Finca Haza las Lajas in natural parkland near Zahara. The estate, which is farmed organically, produces superb olive oil and in fact the wine is more of a secondary product and produced on a comparatively small scale. It is very good however, and is only sold in good years. The vineyard extends to only 2.3 hectares on a sandy chalky slope planted to Syrah and Petit Verdot, while the bodega is in a cave which accommodates a few barrels, all of different woods and different ages. Thus, every year will turn out a dozen or so different wines, aged for a few months, and the best are selected and blended for sale and bottled unfiltered. Annual production is usually less than 3,000 bottles. The business dates back to 2004 with the vines being planted then and now they are giving of their best.
16 euros Licores Corredera

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