Friday, 15 February 2019

Brandy Fundador Triple Madera Solera Gran Reserva 38%, Fundador

Antique chestnut fading to amber with coppery gold reflections.
Crisp light Oloroso and very slightly spirity with notable oak aromas like hints of a carpenter´s workshop, vanilla and hints of dried fruits and caramel and it all comes together nicely with the notes of Sherry, wood and spirit predominating, particularly the latter.
Fairly tangy and crisp with a slight fruity note with only a gentle caramel and dried fruit sweetness and the spirit seems a little on the young side. Solera Gran Reserva must have a minimum of 3 years average age and this probably doesn´t have a great deal more, but it is certainly quite a pleasant brandy.
Since Andrew Tan´s firm Emperador bought the old Domecq business  it has been busy launching new brands. The Triple Madera has already won an IWSC Silver medal (80-85.9 points) and a double gold at the CWSA 2018 having only been launched in 2018 alongside Fundador Doble Madera (Solera Reserva).The brandy is "cask finished" in butts which have been seasoned in three selected types of Sherry to give more complexity of flavour.
19.15 Licores Corredera

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