Friday, 18 January 2019

Manzanilla Pasada Pastora en rama saca 2018 15%, Barbadillo

Bright, slightly amber tinged gold with golden highlights.
Forthcoming and refined with all the complexities of traces of cabezuela, faint oxidative notes, hints of straw and dry herbs, butter and notes of seaside all beautifully homogenised. It is super elegant and fresh for a wine of nine years of age with loads of subtlety wrapped in a beautiful package.
The same can be said for the palate only it is a little fuller and beautifully rounded, just shy of crisp but super clean and fresh with the characteristic Manzanilla salinity and traces of buttery autolysis all but balanced out by a dry chalky texture. Tremendous depth of flavour and great length.
Pastora was the first ever Manzanilla to be sold in bottle in 1827 and was very popular during the XIX century and with the Royal Family, but for some reason, possibly Manzanilla Fina or lack of promotion, it disappeared from the market. Thankfully it was reintroduced in 2015 - so this is the fourth release - and it is superb. Its origins are in the Solear solera and wine is extracted for further ageing in the bodega Las Pastoras, located at the edge of the embankment which divides the Barrio Alto from the Barrio Bajo, facing the river. It has the perfect environment for ageing Manzanilla, and this wine was bottled en rama with nearly 9 years of average age on May 11th 2018.
14 euros per half bottle ex bodega

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