Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Brandy Solera Gran Reserva 38%, Coleccion Roberto Amillo

Old polished chestnut with a hint of mahogany, fading to amber with copper glints and a trace of green at the rim.
Very aromatic, sophisticated, balanced and beautifully rounded, it has super subtle aromas of exotic woods with hints of spice, polished antique furniture, toasted nuts and dried fruits which are all beautifully integrated. You can just tell this is a proper old brandy with no need for the added sweetening which younger ones are subject to; it is open, clean and totally natural.
Intensely flavoured and complex with only faint notes of tannin which are nicely balanced out by the sweetness of maturity. It is very subtle and elegant with traces of nuts, woods and fine Sherry which merge together to form a delicious whole which lingers for ages on the palate.
Despite coming from the Rioja, the famous collector of wine and wine related objects (over 17,000 of them!), Roberto Amillo, has a notable penchant for the products of Jerez and offers a range of top quality Sherries, vermouth and brandy through his Jerez project Espiritus de Jerez and Bodegas Altanza in Rioja. He selects one butt at a time of something rare and special from the best bodegas which he sells in his beautiful bottles, and has achieved very high scores from the Guia Peñín and Robert Parker. This superb brandy was sourced from Bodegas Fernando de Castilla which were originally established to make the finest possible brandy and which only use 100% holandas or pot still spirit. They bought up brandy soleras including the old Palomino & Vergara solera from which this brandy comes, at an average age of well over 30 years.
41 euros per 50cl, Licores Corredera

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