Monday, 21 January 2019

Ispania 2017 12%, ViD Soluciones Enogastronómicas SL

Fairly full brassy gold with golden highlights.
Full, complex, interesting and slightly different with lots of ripe apple up front and a certain almost creamy richness with traces of dried yellow fruits like apricot, raisin and papaya along with wax, straw and background hints of salinity and a barely perceptible Sherryish note. Extremely attractive.
Quite full and very tasty with real character. The acidity is very slightly higher than expected from the nose and enhances those yellow fruit notes with a gentle tang balanced by noticeable glycerine while the balance between the apple and other fruits is more equal. It has a welcome slightly old fashioned style and tastes good and ripe yet it is also good and dry with the characteristic chalky albariza texture. This is lovely.
ViD Soluciones Enogastronómicas SL is a firm run by Raul Villabrille, César Dominguez and Omar Suárez which offers a consultation service in all aspects of running wine shops and restaurants including wine education, lists, business management etc. based in Conil. They are also actively involved in seeking out unique and interesting wines in the province of Cádiz, and elsewhere, which they distribute, and also get involved in winemaking projects such as this one: Emplazamientos Ispania.  In this case the emplazamiento (location) is Trebujena. It is a white wine produced mainly with Palomino but also some old vine vidueño, the umbrella name for other local grape varieties, from the albariza vineyards of the many small growers who are members of the Trebujena cooperative Las Albarizas. It was vinified by hand by Andrés Herrera Campos at the coop and aged for 12 months in three ex Amontillado and Oloroso butts seasoned over decades. The wine, of which there are only 1,460 bottles sealed with Diam corks, was launched in December 2018.
15 euros, Licores Corredera

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