Sunday, 29 July 2018

Manzanilla Deliciosa en rama 2018 15%, Valdespino

Amber tinged strawy gold with golden reflections.
Most attractive with a trace of oxidation adding to the complexity of the yeastiness of the flor and all those classic briny maritime aromas. There are notes of straw, sourdough, bitter almond, an almost creamy/buttery hint, surely from autolysis, and a fresh wild saline note giving zip to an already complex wine.
Quite full and bone dry with lots of flavours from both the top and bottom of the butt balancing perfectly. There are traces of apple and that gentle oxidation with a fresh zingy acidity. It could only be Manzanilla, and one which is close to pasada; intensely flavoured and savoury yet light, crisp and vivacious. Deliciosa!
This excellent wine is made from grapes from the pago Miraflores and comes from selected butts in the solera Misericordia in the XVI century bodega of that name belonging to La Guita in the Barrio Alto of Sanlúcar. It passed through 6 criaderas and a solera before being bottled in April 2018 at over 6 years old with no stabilisation or filtration. Only one saca is made each year in spring when the flor is at its most vibrant, and this is a particularly good one.
9.00 euros per half bottle, Licores Corredera

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