Sunday, 22 July 2018

Fino Romate 15%, Bodegas Sánchez Romate

Bright pale silvery gold with white gold highlights.
Very fresh, zesty and yeasty with hints of minerality and a gentle flor bitterness. It is fairly young making it zippy, with traces of fresh herbs in the background like camomile and even a faint trace of  lemon peel. Most attractive.
Light and super fresh with perfect balance, it is dry, clean and refreshing with faint traces of apple, apricot and almond with that slightly more serious flor character just behind. It is none the worse for its youth, in fact that is most of its appeal, and it has very good length.
For 2018 Romate decided to make their standard Sherry range available in a new presentation designed to look more like that of table wines. The move to make the wines less formal-looking has seen them - like the “Unusual Sherries” range which were new wines - being filled into Burgundy bottles in the hope that they will be seen as wines for drinking with food. They have also appointed a new and more dynamic distributor. This then is a Fino with over three years solera age and is light, fresh and perfect with food - but dangerously moreish...
6.99 El Corte Inglés

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