Saturday, 21 July 2018

Brandy Cien Lustros Solera Gran Reserva 40%, M Gil Luque

Polished mahogany fading to amber with coppery highlights.
Very attractive; full, rich and forthcoming, fragrant and elegant. There are traces of dried fruit and Oloroso, vanilla, caramel, dates, orange peel, and furniture polish, all beautifully and subtly melded together so they are hard to separate out, and there is no astringent oak. It smells like holandas matured in Oloroso butts which over time have produced this lovely bouquet.
Plenty of flavour here with vanilla and caramel to the fore backed up by Oloroso and still no astringent wood, though the finish is dry. It is at once intense and refined with a delicate sweetness which seems natural, full at the start then opening out generously and lingering almost eternally.
A lustro is a period of five years, so I imagine a hundred of them implies great age, taking one back to the dawn of brandy and hopefully giving one the inspiration to buy it. This brandy is by no means that old obviously, but it has a respectable minimum 20 years solera age. It used to belong to Manuel Gil Luque who had, in 1912 bought out the old Jerez firm of Fernando Carrasco Sagastizabal. He in turn was bought out by La Guita in 1984, and they were bought out by current owner Grupo Estévez in 2007. So it is an old solera. Confusingly however, the presentation of this brandy is remarkably similar, apart from a bit of string round the neck -and the wording of course - to that of the Marqués del Real Tesoro SGR which is different. Also there used to be another brandy of the same name, from the now disappeared Bodegas Sánchez de Alva. Whatever. This is a lovely brandy.
36.50, Licores Corredera

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