Friday, 20 July 2018

Manzanilla Añada 2012 Saca 4/11 15%, Viña Callejuela

Strawy slightly brassy mid gold with golden glints.
Full and delightful. There are wonderful tensions between flor bitterness and early oxidation, dry scrub and humid barrels and Manzanilla and Manzanilla Pasada. It is really more pasada since it has been ageing more quickly as has not been refreshed with younger wine. While there are some traces of cabezuela, the oxidative notes are more evident. There is a distinct difference between this saca and the last. It is big and serious with those overripe apple and slight caramel notes of oxidation, and yet some brine and faint hints of herbs. Super interesting.
Full and very complex with the faintly saline mineral Manzanilla notes almost, but not yet  totally overtaken by the oxidative ones and there's a bit more body. In fact there are lots of young Amontillado notes with a gentle nuttiness setting in and a trace of salted caramel. It is close to that cusp, and much sooner than a solera wine. Bursting with flavour, it is absolutely lovely.
In 2012 the Blanco brothers kept back 11 butts of that year's Manzanilla for static ageing with the brilliant idea of bottling and releasing the contents of one butt every year, so one could follow the development of the wine year by year from a young Manzanilla to a Manzanilla Pasada to Manzanilla Amontillada to Amontillado. No further fortification will be done so it will end up as a natural Amontillado. The first release was 1/11 in 2015, so this is the fourth, and it was bottled as always in spring (27th April). So this is a vintage Manzanilla from 2012, a little over 5 ½ years old, from a single butt and bottled en rama, and quite delicious! The brothers have other great ideas in the pipeline to watch out for and well deserve their success.
19,30 per 50cl Licores Corredera

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