Saturday, 15 July 2017

Pinot Noir 2014 14.5%, Peter Maurer

Transparent black cherry red with a hint of brick showing through, legs
Ripe and quite full with an attractive reduction of strawberry, even raspberry character up front, but there is more. This is Pinot from a warm climate with the attendant concentration, but it works. Slight balsamic, spicy notes along with hints of toast, licorice and well managed French oak (i.e. not all new) add to the complexity. It's a long way from Burgundy, but with a style of its own.
Pretty full bodied, gently tannic and perhaps a bit alcoholic for a Pinot Noir, but delicious nonetheless. Well structured with more pronounced notes from the French oak, and nice texture but still a bit young and grippy. It would be brilliant with a steak though.
It was a brave and ambitious idea to make Pinot in a hotter place like Cádiz, but Peter Maurer virtually created his own environment by desalinating a marshy area of  four and a half hectares near Lebrija where he grow his vines organically. A nearby reservoir adds moisture to the atmosphere and he has planted pines to help with shade and rosemary and lavender to repel certain pests. There are even holm oaks and olives. It is very likely that with some bottle age this wine will develop a subtler bouquet and more delicacy on the palate. It already has 14 months in French oak and a little over a year in bottle but needs more, say three years. Only 600 bottles produced.
18.90, Licores Corredera

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