Monday 10 July 2017

Amontillado VORS Prestige Don Pedro Romero 20%, Pedro Romero

Bright mid depth antique mahogany with copper glints fading through amber to a hint of green, legs.
Super fragrant, fresh and complex, bursting with toasted almonds and hazelnuts, praline, beautifully integrated oak and traces of orange peel and tobacco. There are background traces of salinity and bitterness which must come from the flor of all those years ago and the whole ensemble is held together with an attractive glyceric sweetness. 
Perfectly balanced between volatile acidity, the crispness of its Manzanilla origins and the sweeter nutty glyceric side. It is definitely a Sanlucar wine with its slightly wild side, and has has great finesse. Dry and intense, it has very little aggressive tannin for its age and has terrific length.
This stunning wine is way older than VORS, having more like 50 years' solera age. The solera itself was located in the bodega known as the Sacristía de la Cruz, part of the Müller-Ambrosse bodega complex built around 1837 and belonging to Pedro Romero. Here all the very old wines were stored for the Pedro Romero Prestige range, to which this wine belongs. The solera dates from 1860 and only 1750 bottles were filled annually. It was a terrible shame when this prestigious bodega closed down but at least its best products are safe in other hands, mainly Yuste and Alonso, even if some of the brands have been lost.
65 euros per 50cl, Er Guerrita

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