Thursday 20 July 2017

20.7.17 Harvest Update; González Byass Best Bodega in the World

With approximately a month to go till the harvest the growers are in a much more positive frame of mind than last year when there were problems with mildew and the harvest was considerably reduced (62 million kilos) due to persistent Levante winds. So far, this year has been much better with high temperatures in June and enough nightly dewfall to give healthy grapes, so a “normal” harvest is expected of between 70 and 80 million kilos, provided there is no dramatic change in the weather.

According to the president of the growers’ association Asevi-Asaja, Francisco Guerrero, there is also better news on the trade front with bodegas buying more grapes and at a slightly better price. Everything depends, of course, on what happens between now and the harvest which is expected to start between the 20th and 25th August.

González Byass is the best bodega in the world according to an analysis of Spanish bodegas winning the most prizes in the last year by Meanwhile the World Association of Wine and Spirit Journalists and Writers has produced a ranking of the world’s 100 best wine companies according to prizes won which puts Spain in second place with 906 after France with 1,026. The top 50 includes 14 Spanish bodegas. GB won the most prizes of all putting it in 1st place with 121 prizes and Lustau in 5th place with 106. So Sherry is really punching above its weight.

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