Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Vino Blanco Viñalquivir 2017 12%, Coop Virgen Palomares

Bright pale silvery gold with the faintest trace of green.
Young, fresh and moderately exuberant in its youth with lots of orchard aromas like apple, pear and a suggestion of herbs and flowers. There are also faint traces of confectionery and a gently appealing rawness of youth: faint notes of apple or pear skin.
Again that confectionery note, it is very soft, fruity and light with low acidity and a little bit of residual sugar. It is dry but not 100% dry, and just a little more acidity would have helped by giving it extra zip. Still, while the fruit lasts it is very attractive. It is a year old already and holding up well.
This is one of the two white table wines produced by the coop (the other is the annual mosto which is sold as soon as it is made, from November, mostly in the bars and tabancos of the area. There is a prize for the best, and Palomares has won it). Viñalquivir is the more serious of the two. It is made from members´ grapes, grown on albariza, which are mostly Palomino (over 90%) but not all, the rest being "vidueño" or a mix of usually older varieties still grown in the area. It is cold fermented using selected yeasts in stainless steel tanks, and after malo-lactic and a period of setttling it is filtered and bottled, young, fresh and perfect for vegetable and seafood dishes. It is a Vino de la Tierra de Cádiz.
3.95 euros, De Albariza

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