Saturday, 13 October 2018

Brandy Solera Reserva 40%, Barbadillo

Bright mahogany fading to amber with bright copper highlights.
Full, round and soft, there is a hint of caramel or maybe brown sugar sweetness and the characteristic oxidative notes of Oloroso along with dried figs and dates and faint traces of rum and cacao. Very little wood is noticeable, but there is an almost turrón - like nuttiness; almond and walnut as well as a slight caramel note.
Quite full and quite sweet at the start, quite voluptuous in fact, then it opens out with a nice fruitiness - mainly dried fruits and then caramel followed by that slight nuttiness. It has an attractive texture and is fresh and not short of flavour; it is delicious actually, but just slightly too sweet. It would be perfect with an espresso after dinner though. But goodness, it is so easy to drink.
Barbadillo started producing brandy in the mid XIX century when they decided to age some of the holandas used to fortify the wine in old barrels. The result was good and was thus organised for larger scale production, so that now wine is made specifically for distillation and the holandas are aged in well-used Oloroso butts in the special microclimate of Sanlúcar, so different from that of Jerez. This brandy has over two years of solera age and a residual sugar level of around 15 g/l yet it appears much older if not drier. A very good drop all the same.
16.25 per 50cl, Licores Corredera

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