Monday, 8 October 2018

Vino Blanco La Hacienda 2017 12% Viña Callejuela

Bright pale strawy - silvery gold with golden highlights.
Light, fresh and quite aromatic with slight floral and herbal notes including a trace of camomile and fruity notes of paraguayo (a milder version of peach) apple and pear. Then there is a gentle mineral, slightly bitter saline note from the wine´s brief spell under flor, but it all homogenises beautifully, and will develop well with another year in bottle.
There is certainly an element of unfortified Manzanilla here, and no bad thing. The wine is very dry with a slight chalky texture from the albariza and all the characteristics mentioned above and has a definite Manzanilla feel only it is fruitier - even if that fruit is tempered by a little flor. It is light with a certain leanness, super clean, nicely balanced and long with real Palomino character coming through as well as the soil.
This lovely wine comes from Viña Callejuela´s 16 hectare Hacienda de Doña Francisca vineyard in the Pago Callejuela in Sanlúcar which overlooks the Guadalquivir estuary. It is made from 100% Palomino Fino by the the Blanco brothers who own vineyard in various locations and being "mayetos", the local word for growers, are very keen to show the differences the soil in different places makes. So this is one of three wines from their different pagos, all made in an identical manner, with the same grape variety; the only difference being the soil and location. The grapes are hand picked and after fermentation the wine is aged briefly in ex Manzanilla butts under flor till bottling in spring. The differences are notable and very interesting. This is the 2nd release.
13.50, De Albariza

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