Thursday, 18 October 2018

Fino en rama Arroyuelo saca 2018 15%, Bodegas Primitivo Collantes

Bright, strawy gold lightly tinged with brass and old gold highlights.
Beautiful nose, quite full with yeasty flor on the surface and serious Fino behind. There are all sorts of nuances like wax, straw, sourdough, hints of minerality, briny salinity and traces of cabezuela coming together to make it remarkably complex for its age.
Again quite full, and very tasty. Acidity is fairly low but there is enough flor bitterness, mineral and salinity to compensate, and with the body and roundness provided by that slightly buttery touch of cabezuela, balance is perfect. It also has terrific length.
This excellent Fino is made from a careful selection of just three of the best butts (numbers 3, 5 and 11 to be exact) in the Arroyuelo solera which it leaves with an average age of 5 years. It was bottled on the 9th July 2018, the annual saca, without any treatment whatsoever. The firm, established over 100 years ago is still in family hands and has two bodegas and over 50 hectares of land all located in Chiclana, which is, of course, in the production zone. It seems so unfair that wines of this quality can´t call themselves Sherry; they are every bit as good.
12.85, Licores Corredera


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