Sunday, 14 October 2018

Fino 15%, Coop Virgen de Palomares

Clean pale strawy gold with golden highlights.
Fairly intense flor notes, slightly saline and herbal with lots of bread dough and faint almond hints. There is just a faint trace of appley fruit to add to the mix which is really quite attractive.
Apple and flor are the two dominating flavours here as it fades through the other aforementioned characteristics. It is very fresh and clean with traces of salt, straw and almond, gently bitter in place of acidity, and is lightly textured as only wines from albariza can be: chalky, and has a very gentle grip and decent length.
The coop Virgen de Palomares was founded in 1957 and now has 580 members controlling 560 hectares of vineyard which produce 5 million litres of must. Interestingly the bodega was constructed in 1963 by a company belonging to Rumasa. They sell a modest range of "Sherry" - being in the production zone means they can´t sell it with a DO - vinegar and a couple of white table wines. This Fino is fermented at 24C in 63,000 litre temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and aged about 3 and a half years through two criaderas and a solera, and is very drinkable for the money. Despite being from vineyards reasonably close to the Guadalquivir estuary, the wine has a more Fino than Manzanilla style.
3 euros ex bodega

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