Friday, 17 August 2018

Palomino 2017 12.5%, Bodegas Faustino González

Mid strawy gold with bright golden highlights.
Forthcoming, fairly generous and pure Palomino with lots of ripe apple and faint traces of cider and apricot and grassy green herbs. It is quite fruity and naturally smells like mosto only it is more sophisticated. There are faint flor notes which barely intrude but add a certain complexity along with some distinct Fino characteristics which give the wine real appeal.. 
Quite full and very tasty. It has a good level of acidity which keeps it fresh, and balances the gentle chalky, appleskin texture and the ripeness. It is a style that could only come from the south and that appley flavour and faintly bitter edge would take one straight to Jerez. The flor is more noticeable on the palate which, added to the nicely judged acidity, makes it reasonable lively. It is an open, honest well-made wine with good length which speaks of its place and which I really enjoyed.
The Faustino González family have their own 7 hectare vineyard, Viña El Carmen, in the Pago Montealegre in Jerez. Here they grow Palomino and also a little PX and have just released their first table wines made from these grapes, but in very small quantities: 600 bottles of this Palomino and 1,200 bottles of the (dry) PX ie one and two butts respectively. The Palomino is grown on albariza of the tosca variety and was hand harvested on the 28th August. The must was fermented in butt with natural yeast and left in the butt for 6 months on its lees and under flor. The bottle is sealed with a Diam cork.
9.20, Licores Corredera

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