Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Manzanilla Pasada Solear en rama Invierno 2017 15%, Barbadillo

Bright, slightly brassy gold with golden highlights.
Bold and forthcoming with lots of yeasty bitter flor and almond from the acetaldehyde, dry scrubland, yet there is a certain humidity, saline with notes of olive brine, butter, sourdough and straw, and very slightly herbal, classic crianza biologica and very attractive.
Clean, fresh and intense with lots of toasted and un-toasted nuts, good racy acidity and lots of bitterness with all the underlying complexity imparted by the yeast. It is a serious wine, lively, bitter and saline at the same time but softened by the buttery notes. It is delicious.
Grown in the firm's 500 hectares of vineyard at Gibalbin and Santa Lucia planted over 30 years ago, the grapes went on to produce Manzanilla Solear. After about six years solera ageing most of the wine goes for bottling as Solear while some goes for a further two years ageing in an intermediate solera of 550 butts in two scales leading eventually to the Amontillado Principe solera. From the intermediate solera 100 litres are drawn from 15 selected butts to make a special blend which highlights the state of the wine at the time of the saca (11/12/17). It has about 8 years solera age and by now the flor is getting a little thinner. Each saca is done at the beginning of the season and reflects the state of the wine over the previous three months. If you are interested, the bird on the label is the endangered Marsh Harrier.
14.30 per half bottle, Licores Corredera

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