Sunday, 15 April 2018

Manzanilla 1a Saca 2017 15.3%, Sacristía AB

Bright old gold with golden highlights.
Full, forthcoming, complex and very fresh with beautifully harmonised notes of bitter mature flor, buttery toasted almond and faint oxidation. There is also plenty of straw and dried herbs and scrub as well as a distinct salinity. There is a nice dry air about it, presumably since it was selected in summer when the flor is thinner.
Big, quite intense and very clean with beautifully balanced acidity. Lots of straw and dried herbs, yeasty sourdough, distinctly maritime and at a lovely stage of maturity. It is very dry with a slight chalky texture and finishes with a very long and impressive flourish.
This wine is the only saca of 2017 (so far, but probably) and comes, as it often does, from the bodega of Francisco Yuste who has stocks of some great Manzanilla. It was selected in July and bottled en rama in November. The hot dry spring had left its mark on the flor giving the wine great depth, personality and elegance, and it is a Manzanilla Pasada, well over eight years old, though that is not mentioned on the label. Despite great success with his wines, Antonio Barbadillo seems ever less inclined to use the electronic media, so unless you bump into him it is difficult to keep up to date and offer more information. Still, this is a lovely wine, classic Manzanilla.
15.50 euros per 50cl, Er Guerrita

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