Wednesday, 11 April 2018

La Bota de Palo Cortado 72 "Pata de Gallina" 20.5%, Equipo Navazos

Polished antique chestnut with brassy glints fading to amber at the rim.
Fresh and gently crisp at the start with notes of fine oak mingling with toasted almond and hazelnut along with traces of marzipan, pastry filled with orange cream and tobacco. It is aromatic, elegant and complex as it opens out with some hints of Oloroso, and slightly stronger hints of Amontillado.
Mouthfilling and generous yet super refined flavour up front with lots of nuts, pastry, a faint hint of ginger and orange cake and those fine, almost aromatic woods. There is remarkably little tannin and the texture is exceptionally well rounded and smooth with a hint of sweetness, probably from glycerine, which gives it great balance and impeccable charm. Delicious!
Pata de Gallina translates as "hen's foot" and relates to a cask marking denoting an oxidatively aged wine with a particularly well rounded, smooth, almost viscous character. Equipo Navazos have worked with Bodegas Ferando de Castilla for some years - in fact their logo derives from a photo taken there. In the case of this particular wine, it came from a selection made at the Jerez bodega of the almacenista Juan García Jarana five or six years ago, from which La Bota 34 was drawn, and which has been kindly stored at Ferando de Castilla in a tiny six butt Equipo Navazos "little altar" (3,2,1) solera. So this wine comes from that same solera but with five years more ageing, and it has an estimated average age of around 30 years and was bottled in January 2017, unfiltered naturally, at La Guita.
58 euros per 50 cl bottle, Er Guerrita

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