Monday, 26 June 2017

Palo Cortado Añada 1966, Williams & Humbert

Lightish much polished mahogany with golden, copper glints.
Incredibly fragrant and clean with lots of toasted almond and hazelnut, traces of exotic woods like cedar and faint traces of spice. It is on the light side but almost perfumed, and with a complex array of aromas all combined into a bouquet in which it is hard to pick many of them out. Magnificent.
The wine is powerful on entry and  dry and fairly crisp yet it opens out like a fan, softened by glycerine and then the flavour floods out; all those nuts, exotic woods and dried leaves, perhaps some of them Dutch tobacco leaves. Tannins are very fine and it has a forceful richness and elegance at the same time. What a wine, bursting with character, and very long. Superb.
After a butt was kept aside as a vintage for the birthday of a member of the family in 1922, the firm has laid down butts of vintage Sherry every year since 1924. The wines are only lightly fortified and gain their @22% through merma (loss of water through transpiration). Unfortunately they are rarely seen in bottle, and indeed this example was one of just four bottles hand filled without filtration for the Copa Jerez tasting.
It looks the same as this Oloroso 1966

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