Saturday, 3 June 2017

La Bota de Fino 68 15%, Equipo Navazos

Bright gold with a hint of amber and golden highlights, legs.
Full and complex with intense yeast notes; bread dough and bitter almond from the flor and fuller, deeper more autolytic notes of straw, nut oil and butter from the cabezuela. Then there are very slight oxidative notes like bruised apple, which add to the large palate of aromas.
Full and bursting with flavour. It has considerable depth, and the delightful bitterness from the flor substitutes for acidity, giving it perfect balance. There is a wonderful melange of flavours: yeast, both alive and dead, a trace of oxidation and hints of minerality which work together make a wine which is very dry, very clean, very long,very jerezano and very good.
Another excellent Fino blended from the solera, 1st and 2nd criaderas of the Valdespino Inocente solera, like the last seven bottlings of La Bota de Fino. This saca is dated June 2016 and came to a total of 6,500 bottles. The grapes as always are from the Macharnudo Alto and the wine was fermented in butt as is the tradition at Valdespino. La Bota 68 has an average age of between 10 and 11 years. Being bottled en rama, it contains all the loveliness some of which is unfortunately filtered out of Inocente, and has nearly a year in bottle. Don't over-chill the wine; it is at its best at cellar temperature, especially as this is a particularly good bottling.
25 euros, Los Patios de Beatas, Malaga

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