Thursday 15 June 2017

Manzanilla Solear en rama Winter 2016 15%, Barbadillo

Bright, amber tinted gold, with golden glints, light legs.
Lots of fresh, clean yeasty flor with notes of bread dough, olive brine and seaside, more of those lovely bitter notes from the wine's surface than from the cabezuela perhaps, dried flowers, dry scrub, traces of bitter almond and a hint of dampness, but just enough from below the surface to give complexity. Tight and zippy.
Distinct notes of toasted bread along with the doughy nuttiness and traces of olive, there is a serious note here, the wine is less wild and more contained with a damper note than, say, the summer bottling. But it is very subtle and beautifully balanced, dry, natural and very long.
Excellent Manzanilla Pasada as always. The seasonal bottlings are all really different and it is a great opportunity to see how the flor changes the wine's character in the different phases of the year. It is so worth while to buy all four sacas of a given year and give them some bottle age and then taste them together to see the differences. This wine was selected from 15 of the best butts in the Solear solera on the 7th December and bottled on the 20th with an average age of at least 8 years and no more than the minimal stabilisation. Only 1,500 litres were released. The grapes came from the albariza soils of the bodegas's vineyards in Gibalbin and Santa Lucia with an average age of 30 years.
15.50 euros per half bottle, Licores Corredera

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