Wednesday 7 June 2017

7.6.17 Latest Williams & Humbert Lecture

Bodegas Williams & Humbert have announced the next in their excellent series of lectures which take place at the bodega. The title is "The Wine Factories and the Building of the Capitalist City" and will be imparted by the architect and urban planner Manuel González Fustegueras, president of the Foundation of Contemporary Architecture. He will talk about how, in the face of the disastrous industrial revolution in Spain, which particularly affected Andalucía, the wine industry of Jerez would become one of the first models of capitalist economic development in Spain during the second third of the XIX century, making way for the construction in the city of a huge industrial park which transformed the preexisting urban and rural model in such a short space of time and so potently that it was unequalled in Spain. This change of model brought with it certain decisive consequences which would be inexplicable elsewhere. A fascinating subject as always, and well worth going if you can, especially since a glass of Sherry is available at the end!

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