Monday 19 June 2017

Manzanilla Añada 2012 3/11 15%, Viña Callejuela

Pale gold with a trace of amber and bright golden glints.
Super fresh and almost wild with noticeable salinity, restrained flor and traces of apple and fresh sea air. It has considerable charm with notes of camomile and a meadow full of wild herbs, yet there is also a more serious side with yeasty hints and olive brine, and everything is in perfect harmony.
Good and dry, fresh, with traces of racy chalky minerals giving a dry texture with exactly the right acidity. It is at an attractive stage of development where it still has signs of youth but those of early maturity are beginning to show. It has a deep savoury flavour and almost creamy consistency. The wine is now five years old and extremely elegant, with subtle but growing complexities. Pure Sanlucar in a glass. Delightful wine.
This is the third butt of the eleven laid down as a vintage wine in 2012, and each annual release has offered a shade more complexity than the last. It is a really inspired idea, as every year it just gets better. The wine is nearly 5 years old now but one has to wait a whole year for the next instalment. It is an agonising wait, but worth it. This was a limited advance bottling for the Copa Jerez Forum tasting, the rest was bottled 16th June 2017 and it will be available very soon - but barely 1,000 50cl bottles.
Not released yet but will be about 20 euros per 50 cl bottle

(With GB's Jose Argudo in background)

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