Thursday 22 June 2017

Brandy Veragua Solera Reserva 38%, Álvaro Domecq

Deep walnut to amber with bright copper highlights.
Full, quite powerful and forthcoming yet serious and complex with a full array of aromas: wood, caramelised walnuts, toasted almond, old Oloroso, dried orange peel and traces of hickory, pasas and vanilla.
A gentle sweetness greets the palate followed by all the above aromas in  a lovely harmony which gradually opens out giving a full bodied, quite intense brandy with its own individual sophisticated character and very good length.
This excellent brandy is made from 95% Airen and 5% Palomino grapes and is aged for at least five years in both 250 litre barrels and 500 litre butts, all previously seasoned with mostly Oloroso and a little PX. It would appear to consist mainly of holandas, which would explain the quality. The bodega offers another brandy, the Duque de Veragua Solera Gran Reserva.
11.25 euros, Licores Corredera


  1. I only discovered this brandy a few months ago in Vejer. Surprised it isn't more popular - has a lot of shared characteristics with Cardenal Mendoza to my tastebuds, but a lot cheaper.

  2. Paula, do you have notes for the Duque de Veragua Solera Gran Reserva also? I remember having had that a few years ago and being very impressed by that.