Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Manzanilla La Bailaora 15%, Bodegas Jose Estevez

Pale bright lemony gold, some legs.
Fresh, young, still hints of Palomino fruit along with a maritime air and a little dry bitterness from the flor. Quite soft with a savoury note there, but overall young, light and yeasty.
A little more intense than the nose with strong seaside flavours, traces almond, fairly fruity, quite a pretty wine which lacks the depth that further ageing would have conferred. Clean, fresh and a little short, but pleasant nonetheless - and inexpensive.
A bailaora means a dancer, the one who appears on the label. Manzanilla from Estevez must mean the wine is from La Guita, one of their subsidiaries, or it may be bought in. This is the Manzanilla for the Marques del Real Tesoro range, and has been on the market as such for a long time, though originally spelled "bailadora", and probably of better quality then. Anyway this is a young wine probably not yet four years old, and is a Manzanilla Fina, in other words filtered,so it is light fresh and easy going, ideal for the supermarket shelves it was designed for, and the ferias of Andalucia.
Not available outside Spain, it cost 2,44 euros in Mercadona supermarket (who work extensively with Estevez for most of their alcoholic products).

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