Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fino San Patricio 15%, Garvey

Strawy gold, light legs.
Full and fresh, lots of bitterness from the flor and the very slightest hints of fruit and autolysis. Refined and elegant with traces of flowers, well rounded with a certain softness.
Soft and fresh at first then develops the flor flavours, good depth with traces of fruit and almond and a lovely long clean finish with some length.
A very good wine with character. San Patricio (Saint Patrick) was the name William Garvey, an Irishman, chose for his grand - and huge - new bodega and this, the first Fino to be exported from Jerez. "Pajizo" (or straw wine - what we now call Fino) was regarded as inferior in Garvey's day, and often ended up as vinegar, but he saw potential and began exporting it in the 1820s albeit on a small scale. The real development of Garvey's Fino was left to his only son and heir, Patrick Garvey. The wine runs through 6 criaderas and then the solera.
5,50 Euros in Spain. Distribution abroad is a bit unsure, as the bodega is in a rather dodgy financial position after the Nueva Rumasa collapse.

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