Wednesday, 29 January 2014

29.1.14 Consejo Budget Increase

The Consejo Regulador will have a budget increase of 25% over last year for the promotion of Sherry, around 500,000 euros, to which will be added a further 500,000 by the OCM (Organizacion  Comun del Mercado). This is a good deal less than they had hoped for.  Beltran Domecq had proposed to triple the budget to 2 million euros at yesterday’s full meeting of the Consejo.

He had hoped that the bodegas’ contribution could be doubled from one centimo per litre sold to two, along with one centime per kilo of grapes from the growers. He felt it would be ideal in a year when Vinoble is returning and Jerez is European City of Wine. While bodegas and growers approved in principle however, agreement couldn’t be reached, mainly because the bodegas, who own about one third of the vineyards, felt they were paying twice.

According to Evaristo Babe, president of the bodegas association Fedejerez, the bodegas were making a great effort by increasing their contribution by 25%, and would have liked it to be more, but that is the limit, especially as the increase comes only from them.

Some say, however, that realistically, their contribution should be much more. 

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