Saturday, 22 September 2018

Vino Tinto Pideme un Deseo NV 13%, World Vinum Spain

Very deep, almost opaque black cherry red fading to a blacky pink at the rim.
Fairly high toned with a slightly tangy, balsamic note and lots of fruit, mainly black cherry and plum with a hint of blackcurrant. There is a certain degree of ripeness along with a hint of oak and a background trace of smoke, from the Syrah one presumes. Not overly complex but not unattractive.
Mid weight, with a gently spicy character and nicely textured with a touch of ripe tannin which balances nicely with the abundant fruit and a slight chalky feel from the albariza. Acidity is noticeable but works well to give the wine a certain freshness. While it is a little on the light and short side it is very easy drinking with a bit of character.
This wine is a bit of a novelty perhaps, but it is good. "Pideme un Deseo" means "ask me for a wish" and in a little bag tied to the neck of the bottle are two little "wish papers" and instructions to write your wishes on them and set fire to them, throwing the burning papers to the winds, where one imagines the spirits will receive them and grant your wishes. Anyway, the wine is made and bottled by EMC3 in El Puerto de Santa Maria from Syrah and Merlot grown in albariza soil which are hand picked and selected. They are macerated for 10 days and then fermented before being transferred to butts where the fermentation is completed and the wine is aged there for four months. If you were wondering if this novelty had a Chinese ring to it, you were right. While World Vinum is a Jerez company with a bodega in Calle Ceniza which distributes wines and spirits in Spain, it sees a lucrative market in China, where they have a distribution office in Guangzhou. They produced 8,000 bottles of this wine, half of which went to China. NV means non-vintage, and this is yet another example of wines with no vintage declared on the label. It will be 2016 or 2017 though, as the wine was first made in 2016.
10.95, Licores Corredera

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