Saturday 30 September 2017

Pagollano 2016 12.5%, Hidalgo la Gitana

Fairly pale straw to yellowy gold with golden highlights.
Very fresh with an attractive mix of flowers and fruit; traces of camomile and orchard blossom with apples and pears, yet it does smell of Palomino and there is a very light saline hint.
Smooth, fruity and soft thanks to a low acid level, but there is plenty of Palomino flavour and that saline hint comes through. It is well rounded with a little body and dangerously drinkable.
This is a new table wine from Hidalgo La Gitana launched as part of the celebrations of their 225th anniversary. According to the back label the grapes come from old vines and are harvested a bit later for increased ripeness. This has of course led to the aforementioned lack of acidity. Nowhere on the label or cork does it give a vintage, so I am presuming this is from 2016 as is very likely. Nor is there any mention of grape variety, origin of grapes or method of production, so I am again presuming that it is Palomino (I'm pretty sure) and from the firm's own vineyards. Is it a new vintage of Las 30? Who knows. There is no information out there on the firm's website or Facebook page.
5.75 from De Albariza

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