Sunday, 10 September 2017

Manzanilla Pasada Solear en rama Primavera 2017 15%, Barbadillo

Bright amber tinged gold with golden reflections.
Seriously fresh with pronounced flor notes and that saline maritime mineral bitterness which makes Manzanilla so special. There are subtle hints of seaweed and brine, and a sensation of humidity. There are also faint traces of cider and cabezuela giving a slightly appley buttery character.
Zippy and fresh but serious. There is reasonable acidity but much of the effect comes from the saline flor bitterness, which, with the saline yeastiness and slight butteriness gives an incredibly tasty wine which really develops and then lingers on the palate. Lovely.
Another cracking Manzanilla pasada en rama from Barbadillo. According to the back label, en rama is "como Dios la trajo al mundo" (lit. as God brought it into the world) or as God meant it to be. Couldn't agree more! The wine is around 8 years old and consists of wines selected from the Solear solera in the Arboledilla bodega which are aged  for a further two years, so it really is a Manzanilla Pasada. 
14 euros, Er Guerrita

One is just not enough....

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