Thursday, 5 May 2016

Oloroso Lacave 18%, Williams & Humbert

Light mahogany with coppery tints, legs.
Forthcoming and young with pronounced oxidative and softly savoury notes and lots of walnut. It is very open with a gentle nutty texture and the slightest hint of apple in the background.
Quite light and friendly, smooth and generous with traces of dried fruit, nuts and the flavours of autumn and early stage oxidation, a real rainy day wine or informal tapas wine.
This young Oloroso is only available in Spain for some reason. W&H sell most wines on most markets, but wines like Dry Sack Fino, Winter's Tale and Walnut Brown are export only while Lacave, Pando and Cedro are only available in Spain. Anyway. This solera probably originated in Cadiz from the old bodega of Lacave which was taken over by Rumasa and ended up at Williams & Humbert, so it might well be very old. It is interesting to see such a young wine without any airs and graces but which works so well with food, especially stews, at a good price.
6.40 euros from Licores Corredera

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