Wednesday, 11 May 2016

11.5.16 Earthquake; Rick Stein

At 19.18 yesterday an earthquake of 4.2 Richter was felt in Jerez. The epicentre, at a depth of 10 km,  was a little north-east of Paterna, a small municipality about 20 km inland from Cádiz, and shockwaves were also felt in Arcos de la Frontera and San José del Valle where a lady’s house collapsed, though it was in poor condition. Some windows were broken and people were scared rushing outside, but fortunately nobody was injured. Even older people could not remember anything like it. And this on top of the wettest May in living memory.

British celebrity chef Rick Stein is to visit the province of Cádiz as part of his television series “Rick Stein’s Long Weekends”.  Filming will take place in June though the production company has already been investigating locations in the city of Cádiz as well as Jerez, Sanlúcar, Rota, El Puerto, Chiclana and Vejer. The programme will centre on the flavours of Cádiz, mainly fish and shellfish as well as carne de retinto and highlight how well Sherry accompanies these. It is expected to be broadcast in November on BBC 2 to an audience of over three million.

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