Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Amontillado 12 Years Old 17.5%, El Maestro Sierra

Almost pure amber with brassy, coppery tints, legs.
Textured and fairly savoury with distinctly nutty oxidative notes of walnut and a hint of raisin, even a trace of mushroom and autumn leaves. There is a damp cellar note and the slightest traces of orange peel and warm spices like cinnamon. It is like an Amontillado-Fino, interesting and attractive.
The texture opens out almost immediately into a generous, smooth and quite gentle wine with fairly low acidity, those obvious oxidative notes and plenty of glycerine to round it off. Lots of soft nutty character and not lacking in flavour nor length with a clean finish.
Aged for about six years before being fortified to 17% for the oxidative ageing period which also lasts for about six years, this is a wine which appears very young for its age. It still retains Fino notes with a sort of surface oxidation which will develop over time into something tighter and crisper. The bodega's older Amontillado is over 30 years old, but it would be interesting to see something in between, say 20 years old, but one can certainly see the potential from this wine.
12.00 euros per half bottle from Licores Corredera

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