Tuesday, 10 May 2016

10.5.16 Feria Fino Sales; Osborne Results

Sales of Fino at the Feria del Caballo have been even better than expected. The trade was pleased that they were comfortably over 400,000 half bottles, but now it looks as though sales have exceeded 500,000, and increase of approaching 20%. César Saldaña, director general of the Consejo points to various factors which account for this: the Feria began on Saturday 30th, a day earlier than usual and ended a day earlier on Saturday 7th; Monday 2nd was a holiday (Monday after Labour Day); the temperature was decent, and people had just been paid. Tio Pepe, sponsors of the Feria, reckon their sales were up 13%. Andrew Tan’s newly acquired Fundador  sold over 500 cases of Harveys Fino – at a great price: 6€ per half litre bottle. Grupo Estévez were pleased with the public reaction to their re-launched Tio Mateo, and its increased sales.

It was not only Fino sales which increased. Council staff removed nearly 500 tons of rubbish from the fairground, a 2% increase on last year. Glass accounted for 40,400 kilos, and the glass recyclers and the Council awarded prizes to the casetas which did the best recycling.

Grupo Osborne has announced its results for 2015 with sales at 241 million euros, 1.6% down on 2014. Pre-tax profit was down 11% but this was due almost entirely to the loss of distribution of Seagram’s Gin in an agreement with Pernod Ricard, but which gave Osborne other brands to distribute instead. The firm also increased investment in its own brands with, among other things, the new visitor centre for their extremely successful and profitable 5 Jotas Iberico ham plant at Jabugo and the Toro Gallery in El Puerto. The company has also reinforced its distribution portfolio with high value brands and its subsidiary in China. Tomás Osborne, company president, said that 2015 had been a satisfactory year and the company is now stronger than it was a year ago.

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