Sunday, 29 May 2016

29.5.16 Vinoble: New Wines from Harveys, Barbadillo; Corpus Christi

It is inside the Alcazar as well, everywhere

Jerez was alive today with visitors to the unique biennial wine fair Vinoble which covers sweet and fortified wines of the world. Needless to say there was a strong Sherry presence and a huge range of wines available for tasting. There were wine producers everywhere! Launched today was a new range of Sherries from Harveys (literally bottled yesterday!) and a couple of really interesting and delicious table wines from Barbadillo.

The Harvey wines were:
Fino: Fresh light and clean, about 5 years old, green label
Amontillado: Amber, dry, light and fresh, about 12 years old, orange label
Palo Cortado: Amber, very nutty and fairly light, about 15 years old, red label
Oloroso: Gold to mahogany fairly crisp, very Oloroso, aged about 12 years, maroon label
Pedro Ximénez: Deep blacky brown, lots of toffee, trace oak, aged 10 years, long, grey label
This is a really good range, I’ll post pictures as soon as I get the promised press release….

The Barbadillo wines were:
Mirabrás 2014: 40 year old Palomino vines from the Cerro de Leyes vineyard fermented in ex Manzanilla butts after a few days’ sunning and aged under flor in butt and tank. Delicious crisp apple and unripe apricot aromas, and might age interestingly.
Tintilla Nude 2015: “Insultingly young red” Tintilla grapes from the Gibalbín vineyard fermented using carbonic maceration. There is no front label, hence “nude”.
Again, these are just released so no pictures yet…

Jerez was also alive with people celebrating Corpus Christi, following the procession of the municipal band and members of the religious brotherhoods carrying altars through the streets in clouds of incense. This year the procession was shortened, but still covered 18 streets. Between the Plaza Arenal and the Plaza de la Yerba huge brotherhood insignias were laid out on the ground in coloured salt. Quite a spectacle, unless you wanted to cross the street.

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