Friday, 20 May 2016

Manzanilla de Añada 2012 1/11 15%, Viña Callejuela

Bright golden straw with golden glints, legs.
Forthcoming clean and lively with a fine balance of flor, dried flowers, a leafy, camomile note and a gentle fruity hint as well. It is classic Manzanilla with depth with lots of marine character and an attractive touch of wildness which add to the wine's very considerable complexity for its age.
Quite full with lots of nuances, principally flor bitterness and fruit but also traces of almond, brine, sourdough and the slightest lees note giving roundness and depth thanks to a comparatively low acidity. A generous wine with lots of character which I expect will develop beautifully in bottle. Can't wait for the next release!
This beauty is the first ever Vintage Manzanilla and comes from one single butt of the eleven best produced in the excellent 2012 vintage which were set aside to be released as vintage wines - and which are also from a single vineyard - Viña Callejuela. It was bottled from butt number eight, it being the most forward, on the 15th July 2015 and 700 bottles were put on the market, so it is just short of three years old and sealed with a driven cork. This first release sold out in a week. Every spring they will bottle another butt, so the wine will be one year older with each saca and progressively more complex. And no doubt every year it will be harder still to get hold of! The project was the brainchild of brilliant local oenologist Ramiro Ibáñez, and the plan is to repeat this project whenever an exceptionally good vintage is harvested.
25 euros per 50cl bottle from Er Guerrita

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