Friday, 13 May 2016

Fino 15%, Bodegas Terry

Bright pale golden straw, legs.
Rather attractive and very Jerezano with hints of mineral and fairly gentle flor with traces of fruit, straw and almond - and perhaps a trace of camomile. These characteristics need a little coaxing and a slightly warmer temperature but are there, and in good measure.
Decent intensity and very dry with good depth and very nice balance between the bitter almond and flor elements and that trace of fruit, there's even a gentle texture. At normal normal chill temperature it is a bit reserved, but just let it warm up a bit and all will be revealed. Good long clean finish.
A very respectable Fino if not quite in the same league as Camborio, which was once Terry's top Fino and now belongs to Juan Piñero. The grapes come from the old Domecq vineyard of El Majuelo next to the Castle in the Macharnudo and the solera was established in 1953. Terry really only exists on paper as it was bought by Rumasa, then Allied, then Pernod Ricard, then Beam and currently belongs to Fundador. As far as I know there are no longer bodegas in El Puerto where Terry was originally established. This wine has a rather simple label and an average price, but it is classier than that and it grows on you, just don't over chill it.
5.00 euros from Licores Corredera

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