Monday, 23 May 2016

Fino Arroyuelo 15%, Primitivo Collantes

Quite pale bright silvery gold, light legs.
Lively yeasty and fresh. There is a gentle salinity, and notes of sourdough, dried herbs and plenty of almondy bitterness from the flor and an overall light zestiness.
Dry and fresh with a slightly savoury note and more complexity than the nose was prepered to give away. The flor is noticeable from both above and below giving a lovely bitter kick. While acidity is on the low side it has considerable length, and considerable character.
This excellent Fino is solera aged for 5 years. It is their best Fino and there is also an en rama version of it (qv). The others are Ceballos and Ceballos Solera. It comes from their own 55 hectares of albariza vineyard at Chiclana which is in the Sherry production zone, not the ageing zone, and the wine is not therefore officially called Sherry, but is the equal of a good one. The vineyards and bodegas are close to the Atlantic which gives the wine its freshness.
6 Euros

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