Sunday, 29 May 2016

Fino del Puerto 15%, Tres en Rama, Lustau

Strawy gold with a slight amber tinge, legs.
Terrific complex start, quite full and serious with a very slightly bitter edge of flor and dried flowers, the merest trace of oxidation, hints of straw, wax, dry scrub and minerality. There is also a slightly damp marine air to it and the faintest hint of autolysis.
Full-flavoured and very dry yet it has a lovely elegance and well balanced acidity, there is a trace of oxidised apple, a hint of dry bitterness and a slightly yeasty waxy autolytic note and a clean finish with terrific length and a lovely bitter twinge. This is very good and really shows what bottle age can do for the en rama wines.
This is the Spring 2015 saca, so it has had a year in bottle to develop, and how wonderfully it has done so. Manuel Lozano  reserved 347 butts and a highly qualified tasting panel including Sarah Jane Evans, chair of the Institute of Masters of Wine, selected the wine from only 2. The wine was released in April 2015 and there were only 1,000 50cl. bottles and all but 42 bottles were exported. Since Lustau make 3 of these wines, one from each town in the Sherry Triangle, it is always worth buying one (or more!) of each to compare, and compare again a year later - given availability.
Around 17 euros

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