Wednesday, 6 March 2019

6.3.19 Unfortified Sherry Just One Step from Approval

The incorporation of Sherry made without fortification into the Denomination of Origin now only requires the oficial approval of Brussels. The Consejo Regulador approved the inclusion into the regulations of unfortified wines in the usual styles of Finos, Manzanillas, Amontillados, Palos Cortados and Olorosos in December 2017 and the Junta de Andalucía, having put the text to the legally required two months of public scrutiny which ended on Friday with no objections, is now sending it to Brussels for final approval of the necessary modification to the regulations. It is estimated that this will take around six months. 

Sunning the grapes

 There will thenceforth be no legal requirement to fortify so long as the wine reaches the mínimum strengths of 15° for Finos and Manzanillas and 17° for the other styles. In recent years various Sherries have been produced without fortification but to reach the required alcoholic strengths it is necessary to limit production yields pick the grapes a little later and use the process of “asoleo” or sunning of the grapes. This means more effort on the part of the producer and the scarifice of quantity for quality. In the past many of these wines were known as “vino de pasto” and were more expensive to compensate for the work and risk involved. This process is traditional but died out at the end of the XIX century due to advances in viti-viniculture and changing public taste, and it was not included in the first regulations of the Consejo Regulador.

None of the above has anything to do with the new white and even red table wines produced in the area nor with the contemplation of including into the DO Sherry any of the traditional grape varieties such as Rey, Cañocazo, Perruno…

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