Thursday, 28 March 2019

Palo Cortado Romerito 19%, Covijerez

Clean bright mahogany through amber to the faintest trace of green at the rim with copper highlights.
Fresh, crisp and lively with toasted almonds and hazelnuts and hints of oak barrels along with traces of volatile acidity, it has definite "punzante" Amontillado character yet there is a very slightly fuller slightly more glyceric walnuts in syrup note just behind.
That lively crisp Amontillado character remains thanks to the presence of both tartaric and volatile acidity and of course that nuttiness which give it real style, a style which is very Amontillado on the nose and also quite Amontillado on the palate. But there are Oloroso notes as well like hints of walnut, salted caramel and tobacco. There is a trace of tannin and the finish is clean, dry and long. 
Covijerez, or to give it its full title Cooperativa Vitivinicola Nuestra Señora de las Angustias, was established in 1967 and supplies mostos to various bodegas without vineyards. The coop has some 200 members and 1,000 hectares of vineyard and capacity for 6,000 butts. For some time now they have been bottling their own ranges Mira la Mar and Romerito and have won various medals for quality. This Palo Cortado was launched very recently to complete the Romerito range, the labels of which have illustrations of birds commonly seen in the vineyards (this one is a pardillo comun). The wine comes from a small solera created from butts selected over many years by the recently retired capataz Gonzalo Monge. It is not the most sophisticated Palo Cortado ever but is very enjoyable and amazing value for money.
8.00 euros ex bodega

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