Sunday, 30 March 2014

30.3.14 Marida Jerez - New Tourist Agency

When Jerezanos are away from Jerez, they really miss its magical beauty, and they see it in a new perspective. This happened to Abel Garcia, a young Jerezano far from home, who decided to go back and set up a way to connect Jerez to the world. He set up a new business,, which offers all sorts of organised visits to the fair city, but in a different way to the current offering. He wants people to really experience Jerez in all its glory and tell their friends and family about this wonderful place. 

The website has all sorts of specially designed visits, and I recommend you have a look. It is not just Sherry (as if that wasn’t enough!), but visits to the Arabic Baths, the world famous Equestrian Centre, Flamenco, tabancos, vineyards, bullfights etc. are all on the menu, along with carefully organised meals at the best restaurants and accommodation at top quality hotels. This is a great idea!

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